About Bryan Kibbe

Bryan Kibbe earned his PhD in philosophy from Loyola University Chicago in 2014 and is a certified (HEC-C) Healthcare Ethics Consultant. Dr. Kibbe currently works as a full time clinical ethicist with a large healthcare system in the Greater Atlanta area. As a clinical ethicist, Dr. Kibbe works with nurses, physicians, and patients and their families to clarify, analyze, address, and resolve ethical questions and dilemmas that arise on a daily basis in healthcare settings.

Previously, Dr. Kibbe completed a fellowship in advanced bioethics at The Cleveland Clinic, where he gained experience conducting clinical ethics consultations in medical settings.

In addition to clinical ethics consultation work, Dr. Kibbe is an active teacher and researcher in philosophy and bioethics. Dr. Kibbe's central areas of teaching and research interest are in ethics, applied ethics, the philosophy of technology, and situated cognition. Stemming from his doctoral work, Dr. Kibbe is especially focused on considering how the act of repair can and should function as a normative response in cases of damage and wrongdoing.

In my own voice:

I do not intend this website to be a vanity project. I hope, instead, that it will serve as a brief introduction to some of my work and might stimulate further conversations, collaborations, research endeavors, and teaching opportunities. I learn from and look forward to those opportunities to think out loud with others. 

Bryan Kibbe