Clinical Ethics Consultation

Physicians, nurses, and patients and their families, are regularly faced with difficult ethical questions, conflicts, and dilemmas. 

How to balance respect for patient decision making (even imprudent decision-making) with a duty to promote the patient's health and welfare?

What does good medical surrogate decision-making look like? 

What should be done when surrogate decision-makers disagree about what is best for a patient that cannot make decisions for himself? 

Is it morally acceptable to withdraw life sustaining medical treatments? 

What I Do

As a clinical ethicist, I work alongside physicians, nurses, and patients and their families to identify, clarify, analyze, address, and resolve these types (and more) of ethical questions, conflicts, and dilemmas. This often involves: 

1- Communicating by phone and in-person with health care providers and patients and their families.

2- Participating in and sometimes facilitating meetings between patients/families and the medical team. 

3- Contributing to interdisciplinary rounds with the medical team.

4- Writing notes with understandable and useful ethics advice in the patient's medical record. 

Practical Experience

I am a certified Healthcare Ethics Consultant (HEC-C)

I completed a practical fellowship in clinical ethics at the Cleveland Clinic (2014-2016), where I participated in 131 ethics consultations.

I am employed full-time by a large healthcare system in Georgia, and have independently conducted more than 350 ethics consultations (since starting in 2016).

Total Years of Experience: 4+ Years in Health Care

Settings: Quaternary Health Care Center (Cleveland Clinic), Community Hospitals (Acute Care), Large Health Care Systems