Past Work Experience


Fellow, The Cleveland Fellowship for Advanced Bioethics (The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH), 2014-2016

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant, 2008-2013 (Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL)

Farm Intern at Uncommon Ground Restaurant (a certified organic, urban, rooftop farm), 2012 (Chicago, IL)

Intern for Environmental Sustainability and Media Production Coordinator, 2008 (Home Repair Services, Grand Rapids, MI)

Student Coordinator in the Service-Learning Center, 2006-2008 (Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI)

WOOD TV News Channel 8 Student Intern in Community Affairs, 2007 (Grand Rapids, MI)

Sales Assistant, 2007 (Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus, Grand Rapids, MI)

Academic Tutor and Coach, 2005-2007 (Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI)

Sales Assistant, 2005 (Washington Bike Center, Fairfax, VA)


Clinical ethics consultation

Clear and persuasive writing

Teaching and coaching

Able to formulate and defend original ideas

Synthesis and translation of complex ideas

Inductive and deductive reasoning

Logistics coordination and planning

Discussion management

Verbal communication

Effective use of media to convey information

Team leadership

Sales ability


Work Settings:




Non-Profit Organization

Rooftop Farm